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Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive

Akwaabe to Accra

on August 25, 2014

So, once again I’m off on my travels – in fact this trip will see me visit the fourth continent of this year. I’m quite impressed with that, especially as I usually only manage one holiday and perhaps a city break.

Despite a slight change of plans to our trip, meaning that BB wouldn’t be joining us for a week (mislaid passport = visa delays), meaning JK was on his own with four girls, and a slight change of accommodation, we headed to the airport. Everything seemed pretty straightforward, OK journey, checked in and through security. Easy.

Traditional Boots stop done we headed to… Wetherspoons. Classy as ever, although it was Prosecco that tickled our fancy, which seemed appropriate.

Wetherspoons fun time

Up, up and away

Two glasses down we danced onto the plane – slightly excited. Everyone was laughing at us as we took our seats and waited… For an hour. Ah well, never mind here comes the trolley lady. A G&T for me, wine for Miss P, Miss W and Frenchie and whiskey for JK.

My TV didn’t seem to be working properly as I watched a bizarre Stardust type film with Sybil from Downton and Colin Farrell. Love, death and miracles. Standard. It didn’t make me faint though which is an improvement on my flight from Singapore to Dubai.

Lunch was served and the first issue arose – JK did not ask for wine with his meal. Unbelievable. What a waste of good wine for us girls. Nice dessert though.

The flight passed fairly quickly – my choice of book (Necropolis by Catharine Arnold) and music (The Book of Mormon soundtrack) was perhaps an interesting one, but hey I am an historian and theatre critic!

We are Africa

And suddenly we were in Africa! Greeted by a mural of elephants and monkeys and… men in masks (seriously). Not to mention Ebola signs everywhere! Yellow fever certificates produced, we eventually got to immigration where they took scans of our fingerprints and a photo! I swear they have more information on us than England does!

Piling into two cars driven by Adolf (the house manager) and John we drove through the city singing along to love ballads and arrived at our new home.
Accra Beach House - Ghana
With this as the view…
After dividing up the rooms (Frenchie and I kindly agreed to take the small, twin room for the first week, while the others enjoyed en suite rooms bigger than my London flat) we were chatting in our room (the irony) when the lights went out! Despite the brilliance of JK’s head torch (seriously), we decided that this was our cue to go to bed, listening to the sound of the sea!

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