My Stage is the World

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive

I carried a pineapple… and had the time of my life!

A room full of people who love theatre and love to write about it. It must be the #LDNTheatreBloggers hooking up for stagey talk and lots of wine.

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The most swankified bag in town

Stagey Wilma Tote BagThe problem with handbags is that sometimes they’re just not big enough… I mean when you go to the theatre the programmes and photo brochures are just so big that they just don’t fit!

Some people love to flaunt their theatre memorabilia on the tube but personally I hate carrying anything because I want my hands free to tweet about the show I’ve just seen! #CriticsLife

Luckily, help has arrived in the form of the most swankified tote bag there is.

Yes, the lovely West End Wilma has created the #stagey bag!

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Not at all thrilling Thriller

Thriller Live

Thriller LiveWhen a London show claims to pay homage to one of the greatest music artists ever, you expect it to be as legendary as the man itself.

Sadly Thriller Live fails miserably and is more like an X-Factor special than a tribute to Michael Jackson.

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