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Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive

And that’s why I’m not Carrie Bradshaw…

Review of Katie Brennan – Quarter-Life Cabaret

Life as a millennial can be a struggle. We’re┬áindependent, career-focused and yet so determined to see the world that we will never, repeat never, be able to buy our own house.

Well, perhaps not every millennial, but certainly those of us that refuse to move out of London. So we drink our gin and prosecco, spend our free time (and money) at pop-up restaurants, Secret Cinema, and immersive challenge games. Oh and travelling. Obvs. Read the rest of this entry »

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Fifty Shades of Disappointment?

First, there was The Twilight Saga. Four books that weren’t particularly well-written, but were sort of appealing… Apart from the ridiculous fact that there was no action. Four books where nothing – and I don’t just mean there’s no sex – nothing really happens at all.

So obsessive ├╝ber fan E.L. James decides to write some fan fiction that includes a similar story but with sex. A lot of sex. To be frank, a lot of ridiculous sex.
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Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus

Now I’ve never described myself as a feminist (although maybe I am) and have nothing against men… BUT I’ve just read a post on that seems to blame women for the lack of successful relationships. Us girls don’t want the nice guys because they’re boring; we want the bad boys who keep it interesting.

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