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The day the Wi-Fi broke (and the coffee ran out)

on September 29, 2014

IMG_0300.PNGHow many followers do you have on Twitter? What about Facebook friends? How many of these people would you stop and have a conversation with in the street?

These days our lives are online. We sit on the tube or in a pub, phones out, more focused on updating our status or checking in than actually talking to anyone.

In What Is Future I? (WIFI), directed by Charlie Limm and Emma Minihan, Pen & Rose Productions ask us to consider ‘what if?’ What if the internet doesn’t work? What if we have to confront the offline world?

Four people sit in a cafe enjoying unlimited coffee and free wifi. The audience sit around them enjoying tea, cake and the music of Luke Fairhead, immersed in the characters’ real and cyber world.

They are very different. Workaholic Rocco (Carly Halse), gamer Jamie (Shona Davis), insecure Dana (Liv Austen) and the mysterious X (Liam Fleming). Each of them very much alone. Apart from their Tinder admirers, fellow dragon hunters and blog readers of course.

Each character is in his or her own world and we hear their thoughts and mutterings in turn. Meanwhile the barista (Rebecca Felgate) refills the coffee and minds her own business. Until, the coffee runs out (cue lots of tweeting) and then THE WIFI BREAKS!

Forced to speak to each other, the real personalities emerge and we see a different side to each character. The acting is strong, the characters believable. This production is as poignant as it is funny and it’s so well-observed that everyone can relate to it.

As the audience, we are intruding. We can see their screens, hear their thoughts and their instructions to their followers. We all reveal so much online, often to complete strangers yet WIFI makes us realise that actually, people aren’t so bad and we should switch off and open up.


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