My Stage is the World

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive

And that’s why I’m not Carrie Bradshaw…

Review of Katie Brennan – Quarter-Life Cabaret

Life as a millennial can be a struggle. We’re independent, career-focused and yet so determined to see the world that we will never, repeat never, be able to buy our own house.

Well, perhaps not every millennial, but certainly those of us that refuse to move out of London. So we drink our gin and prosecco, spend our free time (and money) at pop-up restaurants, Secret Cinema, and immersive challenge games. Oh and travelling. Obvs. Read the rest of this entry »

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Go Go Power Rangers

Power RangersI have quite a vivid imagination and often forget that I live in the real world… usually when I’m walking home or sitting on a train. Daydreaming or fantasising is something everyone does and as children most of our games are based on this.

The trouble is that these days, when I wake up and realise I’m back in reality, I always feel disappointed.

A few weeks ago my friend mentioned he was watching Power Rangers: The Movie, as you do. Now I happen to LOVE this film and always wanted to be a Power Ranger when I was little (the pink one, obviously because she kicked ass, got the hot white one and was a gymnast).

So when he said this I begged him to wait until I could see it with him (quoting along no doubt), and although we haven’t quite managed it yet (dude – we should really organise this), when we do get around to it, it will be awesome.

Last night we went to a party at my hot nurse friend’s house and afterwards when we were waiting for a bus, we were very tempted to rent the newer ULTIMATE Power Rangers movie.

We didn’t and instead of losing myself into a fantasy world of monsters and dinosaur shaped vehicles, I ended up sat on a train next to a drunk man in a suit who passed out with his head on my shoulder… although he then thought it was a good idea to cycle home.

When I finally got home I ended up dreaming I was a Power Ranger and had to fight armies of putties who were taking over London and climbing over all the buildings. I was a heroine and felt that I’d achieved something.

This morning, I woke up it was to a day of housework and filing (although my room is now clean and tidy and the recycling bin is full of old bank statements, payslips and other rubbish) so for those people who say ‘to live is the greatest adventure of all’ – right now I’d rather live in my imagination.

And yes, we were standing at the bus stop singing the Power Rangers theme tune.

Don’t judge us – you’re just jealous.

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With nothing but my T-shirt on

Running t-shirtSo I’ve signed up to the 10k London race and started training. I get a race T-shirt, plus a special Diamond Jubilee shirt and I also got an email from Nike saying they’ll give me one too as I’m wearing their trainers…

Then yesterday I got a huge parcel from my charity KidsCo… containing two T-shirts!

Now I have to say that the logo on the shirts is pretty awesome and matches all my running gear. This may be because their logo is pink, grey and indigo – naturally I am happy to run in these colours.

My only concern is which T-shirt do I wear for the race? I’m also doing the Royal Parks Half Marathon (for the same charity), so no doubt I’ll get another top to wear for that one.

I’ve also decided to apply for the London Marathon 2013. I’ve always wanted to do it and now is as good a time as any… hopefully I can race for my charity so I may get a place that way which would be good for them and me. Will I get another T-shirt? I hope so!

At this rate I’ll never have to buy another pyjama or running top ever again!

Run today was pretty good as I went before the thundery April showers and did 5k in 25 mins (and had a skin test on the way back).

General fitness has been mostly walking – no chance to go cycling(!) as the weather is threatening to be horrific all weekend – but I am ice-skating on Thursday! It’s been almost two months (tore a ligament in my wrist) but I can’t wait and hopefully will meet a new circle of people to hang out with when I move to London.

I keep bumping into old friends actually – including one in Fez Club last Saturday (more on that to come) and one on the Tube yesterday.

Tonight I’m seeing a few more old friends at a gig at The Fox and Pelican in Grayshott – an awesome band called The Son are playing and I’ve not yet seen them so I’ll review them at some point.

In other news the gluten-free diet is going fairly well… so far I’ve eaten yoghurt, salad and a rice cake. Next up vegetable lasagne with ‘special’ lasagne… Not had coffee for a week either, which could explain why I’m so tired.

The only question left now is WHICH T-shirt do I wear tonight?

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Auld Lang Syne

Lest old acquaintance be forgot…

So yesterday (in keeping with my productive spell) I signed up to the London 10k. I paid the full price of £50 for guaranteed entry and I get three ‘free T-shirts’ (as opposed to paying £32.50 for a ballot and getting no T-shirts – I win). My charity are excited and I’m all set to mentor a child after work.

All this was done on a morning’s commute.

When I got to work I had a lovely surprise as an old friend I hadn’t seen for about 2 years texted me about meeting for coffee. We arranged to meet that evening and had a good old natter. This has inspired me to text friends I haven’t seen for ages and sort out a meet up! I advise everyone to do it – what’s the worst that can happen?

This evening I met another old friend (who I haven’t seen since she ran down the hill to say goodbye to me the day I moved to Brussels) and while I was waiting I did some good ol’ people watching. London is excellent for this as it’s so cosmopolitan – I wonder what people say about me?

We booked a table at a fab pizza place (half an hour before we wanted the table – technology is wonderful) and went for a quick drink.

Being female we made the classic error of each ordering a Crabbie’s ginger beer. If we’d been men downing a pint in less than 30 minutes would not have been a problem, but as it was we had to leave with our glasses half empty (or half full).

When we got to the restaurant they apologised and said it would be another 15 minutes. So what did we do? We ran back to the pub to reclaim our half-finished drinks. Chavtastic!

Then we ate pizza, which was fabbity-fab and well worth the extra 15 minutes wait. Of course, we could have shared a pizza… but we managed to eat the toppings (the best bit) and have plans to go back for the Banoffee Pizza – a concoction of banana and toffee on a sweet pizza base.

Yes please!

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