My Stage is the World

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive

Reach out for the sunrise

on April 4, 2012

When I was six I had a wonderful teacher. She taught us about the Titanic, Penny Farthings, birds and the Duke of Wellington. Formidable she definitely was, but not in the sense of Miss Trunchball. My school report that year was, as ever, glowing, but one comment has stayed with me. She said that I needed to loosen my corset strings and relax.

Twenty years later I’m finally taking her advice. I’ve taken life far too seriously, worrying about this and that and not embracing the moment. So this is my quest to find the moment, take it and catch it. No regrets. Life’s too short to live by a rigid schedule, planning your life around age or incident.

So here we are – I’m embarking on a journey of self-discovery, although I’m not trying to find myself. I want to find everything else, open my eyes and see things. No judging, but delve beneath the stereotypes and pre-conceptions of people.

I’m starting to catch myself before I think things I have no right to think. I’ve had a lot to deal with recently and I know it made me out to be a horrible person, out of control, crazy. Maybe I am like that, but hopefully my challenge will help me to start letting my hair down.

I got through the last six months by laughing at everything, because it was either that or cry. Now I have no need to cry, but I can still try to see the funny side of life, and laugh about it.

Goals for April:

  • Write at least one chapter of my book
  • Find a drama society and join it
  • Start ice-skating again
  • Sign up for a 10k race
  • Start training for said race
  • Do something that scares me

This week I’ve had dressing on my salad and eaten mayonnaise. I still don’t like either, but I tried them. I’m also enjoying my family – it’s not perfect, and at times quite dysfunctional, but it’s mine and I intend to make the most of it.

Wish me luck!

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