My Stage is the World

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive


on April 6, 2012


7.45am – A man in a suit walks past me, turns and says “That’s a great book – are you enjoying it?”

8.45am (Westminster) – Someone blocks the staircase and everyone starts tutting and rolling their eyes.

5pm (Upton Park) – Mark Noble briefly chats about why I’m being filmed outside the West Ham stadium.

5.40pm (Victoria) – Eight Americans in convoy, with at least one huge suitcase each, get in everyone’s way as they have been waiting for a tube that has room for them for over half an hour… they were still waiting as I squeezed onto the tube.

5.50pm (Embankment) – A man wearing a Baby on Board badge(?) gives me his seat on the tube.

6pm (Temple) – Market stall owner struts up and down offering fresh fruit and vegetables whilst parading the fact that he is scratching his balls.


The sample sale at work – I bought £35 worth of stuff for £2

A telegraph pole painted brown with fake branches and leaves on it

Strawberry and white chocolate popcorn from M&S.

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