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She’s a perfect 10, but she wears a 12

on April 16, 2012

Anorexia thinspo size doesn't matterMichael McIntyre does a sketch where he talks about shopping with his wife and ‘if she’s an 8, we have a lovely day’ otherwise they go home and she cries about it. That’s life. That’s women.

I know how she feels. Having been a size 6-8 (I’m very short) most of my adult life, I used to get distressed if I needed a size 10 and wouldn’t even try on a 12. I’d be a in a foul mood the rest of the day cursing my inability to avoid chocolate. Lovely.

It’s no wonder so many girls have¬†anorexia!

My mum and her friend recently went shopping and her friend was aghast at the fact that she was a size 18, when she’s normally a 12-14.

My friends are all the same… Topshop lost out on a lot of sales when their jeans were all at least 2 sizes smaller than they claimed to be because nobody wanted to buy ‘the wrong size’.

This sort of behaviour makes us all miserable, with no clothes (although probably more money, but that’s not the point). Very few of us would buy the wrong size shoe or bra – we know that they’re always different in every shop.

If the hat fits then wear it

SO – what have I decided to do? Buy whichever size that fits me and then cut the label out! Nobody ever says “Oh I love your dress, what size is it?” The question is always “where did you get it?”

Of course some people do admit it, in a voice full of remorse and guilt “It’s not my normal size – it wouldn’t even go over my knees!” or they exclaim with glee “it’s an 8! I haven’t been an 8 for years – I love that shop!”

Size doesn’t matter

So when I went shopping the other day (and got loads of new clothes), I came away with several dresses – ranging from size 6 to size 12, and some tops – ranging from size XS to size M.

Yes I had to be coerced to try on the bigger sizes, but they looked much better and nobody needs to know!

We’re all guilty of it, so be brave and buy the size that fits, not the size you want to be!

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