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Best paw forward

on April 12, 2012

As most of you know, one of the topics I write about at work is pets. The following animal touched my heart when I wrote about Labradors a few weeks ago and today I came across his story again.

It just goes to show how little credit some people give animals. This story is so touching that every time I learn more about this gorgeous dog, I get a bit emotional.

Allen Parton is a Gulf War veteran who was injured in a car crash. His memory was affected and he was confined to a wheelchair. It was a struggle for him to get through the days as he couldn’t remember a large portion of his life, including marrying his wife Sandra and having his children.

Then one day Endal, a Labrador training to be an assistance dog came into his life, almost by chance. This remarkable dog showed Allen to hope and that he could live his life again.

Endal was the first dog to operate a chip and pin machine, ride the London Eye and use a cashpoint – truly incredible achievements for a dog.

When Allen was knocked out of his wheelchair, Endal placed him in the recovery position, gave him his mobile phone and went for help.

During his lifetime, Endal travelled widely, making public appearances and gaining fans and admirers across the nation. He was voted Dog of the Millennium and received the animal equivalent of the George Cross.

Endal passed away in 2009 at the age of 13, but is remembered by all as a heroic and loyal dog who gave hope to those who had lost faith.

Endal and Allen’s full story can be found at: and a film of Endal’s life is due to be released soon.

RIP Endal – Dog of the Millennium

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