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Animal Antics

on May 19, 2012

Streetcat Named BobAs most of you know I’m not a particularly charitable person and my patience is often tried. However, for some reason or another I have recently developed a heart and am being affected by stories I read (and write about). Here’s another that touched me in a way that Endal the guide dog did.

I saw an interview with James in the Metro and I was very interested and when I was writing an article about famous pets, naturally I included him. I did try to get my company involved, but it was too complicated. Never mind. Here’s James and Bob’s story:

James Bowen had a troubled life which eventually led to him being thrown out of his sister’s house and living on the streets addicted to heroin. Eventually he started living in a flat in Tottenham and busking around Camden and Covent Garden.

One day he came home to find a cat sitting outside his flat. Nobody seemed to own the cat and gradually James let him into his life. But Bob was no ordinary cat. He would follow James onto the bus or tube and sit on his shoulder or in his guitar case when he busked.

Soon Bob had quite a fanclub as people came to see the little ginger cat with a scarf who sat so serenely while his master played. This little cat has given James a new lease of life and something to live for and he has written a book ‘A Streetcat Named Bob‘ about their journey together.

I am a cat person and had seen James before all the hype. Their partnership truly is lovely and I’m glad that they’ve found each other. Good luck to you both!

Follow James and Bob on Twitter: @Streetcatbob

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