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Just whistle as you (commute to) work

on May 19, 2012

Very colourful outfitBeen very busy recently – working five days a week really takes it out of you… I’d forgotten! Plus I’ve been a social butterfly as well so I have loads of posts to write. But enough of that – more about the fun of commuting!

8.25am – train guard reminds us all to take our umbrellas with us when we leave the train

8.36am (Waterloo) – girl laying on her back, staring but not seeing whilst a policewoman takes photos

8.40am – twin girls ask me if I was on Dancing on Ice

8.45am – bus driver lets us on bus early because it’s raining

8.46am – fat man sits down and encroaches on my seat, glaring at me, even though there are loads of seats

5.35pm (Victoria) – Announcement “please do not stop at the bottom of the escalator” so woman in front of me immediately stops dead and I crash into her

5.45pm (Green Park) – man pushes into me and I fall forwards towards track; another man grabs me to stop me ending up in front of a train.

9.10pm – lights go off on the train because of computer software

9.55pm – Guard “I hope you have a pleasant journey… or at least as pleasant as possible.”

Things what I done

  • Went to work wearing wellies and an anorak
  • Wore navy tights with a charcoal grey skirt and didn’t change when I notice
  • Wore studs to work
  • Spent £122.99 on a pair of trainers
  • Decided I really don’t like nuts
  • Appeared on TV again

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