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Journey’s End

on January 16, 2014


Brace yourself

After spending my last day walking around the Botanic Gardens and Chinatown – Lau Pasat is closed for renovations – I spent the evening by the bay with one of my sister’s friends who works in the city. My cocktail was about 50% marshmallow and we shared a mix of breakfast nachos (they had scrambled egg), Parmesan fries and strawberry pancakes. We also took a super fast elevator to her office’s roof garden for spectacular views of the city. A good end to my adventures.

Of course, being me there was more drama to unfold…

Braving the MRT to the airport I was heavily questioned at customs because the last letter of my first name hadn’t quite fitted so they wanted to make sure I was who I said I was.

Finally on the plane, I started watching a film while we sat on the ground for an hour. Slightly worried about my connecting flight I persevered with ‘Broken’. It’s a good, if slightly odd, film, but the ending is pretty graphic. I started to feel sick and dizzy and needed some fresh air… Obviously this wasn’t likely on a plane.

Guess who got to experience an oxygen mask on a plane? Yup, little miss squeamish who faints.

So I spent the first hour of the flight (when the seatbelt sign was still on) laying on the floor of the aircraft with my feet on a box, with an oxygen mask over my face. Just another thing to take in my stride…

However, for the rest of the flight I was treated like a minor celebrity – the stewards brought me extra drinks and biscuits and the first officer came over several times to check I was OK.

After that I played it safe and watched Hercules and To Kill A Mockingbird.

Running out of time

By the time we landed in Dubai, my connecting flight was already boarding and it took ages to disembark. When the couple in front of me decided to have a full-on PDA in the plane aisle I almost stabbed them with my pen.

I ran off the plane, skirting the lady in a wheelchair and skidded to a halt in front of the man shouting “Gatwick? Istanbul?”, ranting at a fellow traveller – a maths PhD student at Oxford.

He and I chatted as about six of us were escorted through the airport to a special security point (one poor girl was then searched, even though there had been no time for us to change our bags’ contents since checks in Brisbane/Singapore).

Not only did we make it, but they held the plane to check our luggage had all been found. So this flight was also delayed… But on the plus side I was sitting just behind First Class and had a spare seat next to me.

The rest of the flight passed fairly smoothly (Pete’s Dragon, Shakespeare in Love etc.) and all too soon we were landing in Gatwick Airport, where both of my parents were waiting.

My dad dashed off to catch a train to London so my mum and I braved the rainy, flooded roads of England.

Remind me why I came back again?


3 responses to “Journey’s End

  1. heruiming says:

    Hi! I’m a Singaporean that just came back from Melbourne after being there for two years! Its always nice to hear a fresh perspective on how tourists view your country. I’m glad you liked it Singapore (And hope you have less troubles on the plane in the future) – sorry they gave you a hard time at the airport.

    I’ve been looking through some of your Oz travels! If you thought the Great Ocean Road was great – you should check out the Great Ocean Walk! That was something I did in July last year – essentially walking the whole thing.

    Well, this has been nice. Take care, fellow traveller.

    • unlacingmycorsetstrings says:

      Thanks for the comment 🙂 Oh wow the Great Ocean Walk sounds pretty awesome! I’ll have to go back and do it at some point. Back in England now – it’s cold and wet 😦

  2. […] My TV didn’t seem to be working properly as I watched a bizarre Stardust type film with Sybil from Downton and Colin Farrell. Love, death and miracles. Standard. It didn’t make me faint though which is an improvement on my flight from Singapore to Dubai. […]

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