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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My

on August 31, 2014

After a less than pleasant night for some of us, we bravely soldiered on, determined to last the day. This time it was David who joined us for the trip and the journey there was pretty straightforward. Of course once we approached Kakum National Park for the second time, it started to rain! Typical.

However, by the time we’d found our raincoats, bought our tickets and climbed the many steps up to the canopy walkway it stopped. Result. Off we went, onto a thin wooden plank 40 metres above the jungle, suspended from who-knows-what with ropes and nets that did not look particularly safe.
Kakum National Park
We had a fabulous view of the National Park, which is home to more than 100 mammals, reptiles and amphibians, including forest elephants! We were unbelievably lucky and saw… Butterflies. We all got a bit cocky and were swaggering across it without holding on, but it was quite rocky and bouncy!

We considered going around a second time, but there were some school children jumping and screaming ahead of us so we decided not to bother. We did of course get the ‘I survived the walkway’ T-shirts to prove we’d done it – it had to be done!

Make it snappy

For lunch we headed to Hans Cottage Botel, where an old man in a policeman’s hat charged us 5 cedis to enter… This was later refunded when we entered the restaurant, but we had to pay a further 5 cedis for the tour. We ordered our food and then set off while it cooked to see us some crocodiles!

Aunty Mary took us out I to the yard and explained that they had 40 crocodiles here. Just a few then,.. She had a long thin stick with her that didn’t see, particularly crocodile-proof to me, but nevertheless she prodded and poked those that were too lazy to show more than their snout. Most of them ignored her, until she put some meat on the stick and suddenly they jumped right out of the water! It was scary, but awesome!

Further round we saw some more that didn’t look real, but apparently they sleep with their eyes open. David explained that although we could fight the crocodiles, they would bite us, so it’s best to run away from them zigzagging as you go. This is because they can’t turn around very easily – they can only go in a straight line. Useful knowledge.

At the edge of the lake there was a crocodile asleep, but it was so close that we were able to stroke and touch it. Err, crocodile selfie anyone?
Hams Cottage Botel
Lunch wasn’t ideal. “Oh I told her you didn’t want onion in your sandwich, but she put some in anyway.” Of course she did. I tried to be polite but the mayonnaise was too much so I sent it back and got a plain one. Fresh passion fruit juice all round though!

It was getting late so we piled back into the minibus, only for me to have to stop it as my stomach was agony. Luckily there were some handy bushes, but it was quite embarrassing!

Another half an hour later, I spectacularly vomited into a plastic bag, and then all over the side of the road. That passion fruit juice may have ruined pornstar martinis for me forever! West End Wilma will no doubt wean me back onto them!

Feeling better we made it to Shoprite in record time (obviously Kujo wanted me out of his car asap) with more car shopping for Miss W and Kujo (a wooden mug). Biscuits and crisps bought, it was back to limited power (downstairs only) and a supper of rainbow cookies and digestives!

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  1. eddy simpson says:

    bring me a croc back for the back garden love grandad

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