My Stage is the World

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive

Life is a Rollercoaster

on September 2, 2014

Waking up naturally with no alarm was an amazing feeling and it was still only 9.15am! I felt a lot better so went downstairs to have a coffee (and our now staple food – a digestive biscuit).

Frenchie & Miss W were ready for their day of mountain biking and I waved them off enviously. I didn’t think cycling with a dodgy stomach was the best idea…

Once the other two were awake we did a spot of yoga, but it was quite strenuous actually! Sun salutation, followed by floor work, ab work & ending with downward dog back Ito sun salutation and a cool down!

Sweating slightly Miss P and I headed off for showers. I’d just lathered up my hair with shampoo when the water went off! Typical. Miss P had damp hair but mine was dripping everywhere! Once it came back on I went back, but got electric showers from the taps so switched to a different one which seemed fine!

After such a dramatic morning it was nice to relax outside in the sun with a book and try to become less of an obruni! Necropolis was getting really interesting – talking about Highgate and Kensal Green (Brompton) cemeteries so I really have to visit them now!

Feeling peckish, Miss P and I investigated our lunch situation. It wasn’t great – in fact she had two crisp butties and I had one crisp sarnie & a peanut butter and banana one. We also sliced the pineapple we’d bought the previous Monday and it was really juicy – it went nicely with the lager shandy that obviously is the ideal cure for D&V!
Lunch of ChampionsPineapple Slices
More sunbathing and reading turned into some serious card games with JK – Gin Rummy, Sh*thead and Cheat.

Safety in Numbers

The girls arrived just as we finished game three of Cheat… Escorted by a policeman. Honestly! Their taxi driver had taken them halfway towards Kokrobite but then refused to go further because the road was too bumpy. They’d started walking back and a policeman had called to them so they ran away! He caught up shouting “I’m a policeman. Stop!” and warned them to be careful of their bags. “Even though you wear it in front here see, men will attack you with a knife and you will give it to them. Don’t take any valuables out in the dark!”

We filled them in on our day of daring exploits, sea rescues and racoons…

We decided to head to the Reggae Night before it was completely dark so headed off almost immediately heeding the policeman’s warning to the point where Miss W, Frenchie & I didn’t take anything with us except a cardigan!

David decided to accompany us to return the beer bottles and then carried on chatting as we passed our house and headed on to the bar.

Miss W and I were at the back with Miss P and as we walked I glanced behind us to see the shadowy figure of a man crouching behind Miss P. In the split second I registered surprise and grabbed her arm, he yanked her bag, breaking the chain and sprinting away!

She screamed and JK and David give chase to the robber! We stood and stared before realising we were now alone, so ran after them. The thief had tripped and fallen and speedy David was onto him at once (having discarded his slippers in the process)! What a legend!

The robber’s friend slunk past us looking casual and we were all comforted when David picked up a big rock ready to “kill him if I see him again” explaining that this was allowed because he was “doing the world a favour”. Privately we all agreed but were a little shocked.

He went on to explain that robbers weren’t to be pitied – they were rarely desperate people with no choice, but lazy people who couldn’t be bothered to have a proper job.

Dancing in the Moonlight

Shaken we arrived at Big Milly’s escorted not only by David but Frank who started chatting to me after I danced to some Ghanaian music en route. I was on high alert but still friendly and he promised to stop by later as his brother was the receptionist there. Of course he was!

The bar was teeming with obruni which was weird and poor Miss P stepped in a ditch when we arrived and then spilled her beer, but we made the best of things. David (our hero) was on good form, ranting away about life and sharing his dreams for the future with us. I enjoyed my Smirnoff Red and Black – it really took me back to my teens!

The band were supposed to start at 9pm but all we heard was their sound checks, which sounded a bit too sexual for our liking, “one, two, uh-huh” so we didn’t stay long. I did break out some moves while JK bought some bread for the morning, but we were all quite relieved to get back home, despite the familiar squash in the taxi and the weird song that was playing “Daddy don’t touch me there” by Queen Ifrica – it is available on Spotify if you’re curious!

As usual, there was no power and no water, so we chatted for a while, but headed to bed for another early night.

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