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With nothing but my T-shirt on

Running t-shirtSo I’ve signed up to the 10k London race and started training. I get a race T-shirt, plus a special Diamond Jubilee shirt and I also got an email from Nike saying they’ll give me one too as I’m wearing their trainers…

Then yesterday I got a huge parcel from my charity KidsCo… containing two T-shirts!

Now I have to say that the logo on the shirts is pretty awesome and matches all my running gear. This may be because their logo is pink, grey and indigo – naturally I am happy to run in these colours.

My only concern is which T-shirt do I wear for the race? I’m also doing the Royal Parks Half Marathon (for the same charity), so no doubt I’ll get another top to wear for that one.

I’ve also decided to apply for the London Marathon 2013. I’ve always wanted to do it and now is as good a time as any… hopefully I can race for my charity so I may get a place that way which would be good for them and me. Will I get another T-shirt? I hope so!

At this rate I’ll never have to buy another pyjama or running top ever again!

Run today was pretty good as I went before the thundery April showers and did 5k in 25 mins (and had a skin test on the way back).

General fitness has been mostly walking – no chance to go cycling(!) as the weather is threatening to be horrific all weekend – but I am ice-skating on Thursday! It’s been almost two months (tore a ligament in my wrist) but I can’t wait and hopefully will meet a new circle of people to hang out with when I move to London.

I keep bumping into old friends actually – including one in Fez Club last Saturday (more on that to come) and one on the Tube yesterday.

Tonight I’m seeing a few more old friends at a gig at The Fox and Pelican in Grayshott – an awesome band called The Son are playing and I’ve not yet seen them so I’ll review them at some point.

In other news the gluten-free diet is going fairly well… so far I’ve eaten yoghurt, salad and a rice cake. Next up vegetable lasagne with ‘special’ lasagne… Not had coffee for a week either, which could explain why I’m so tired.

The only question left now is WHICH T-shirt do I wear tonight?

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She’s a perfect 10, but she wears a 12

Anorexia thinspo size doesn't matterMichael McIntyre does a sketch where he talks about shopping with his wife and ‘if she’s an 8, we have a lovely day’ otherwise they go home and she cries about it. That’s life. That’s women.

I know how she feels. Having been a size 6-8 (I’m very short) most of my adult life, I used to get distressed if I needed a size 10 and wouldn’t even try on a 12. I’d be a in a foul mood the rest of the day cursing my inability to avoid chocolate. Lovely.

It’s no wonder so many girls have anorexia!

My mum and her friend recently went shopping and her friend was aghast at the fact that she was a size 18, when she’s normally a 12-14.

My friends are all the same… Topshop lost out on a lot of sales when their jeans were all at least 2 sizes smaller than they claimed to be because nobody wanted to buy ‘the wrong size’.

This sort of behaviour makes us all miserable, with no clothes (although probably more money, but that’s not the point). Very few of us would buy the wrong size shoe or bra – we know that they’re always different in every shop.

If the hat fits then wear it

SO – what have I decided to do? Buy whichever size that fits me and then cut the label out! Nobody ever says “Oh I love your dress, what size is it?” The question is always “where did you get it?”

Of course some people do admit it, in a voice full of remorse and guilt “It’s not my normal size – it wouldn’t even go over my knees!” or they exclaim with glee “it’s an 8! I haven’t been an 8 for years – I love that shop!”

Size doesn’t matter

So when I went shopping the other day (and got loads of new clothes), I came away with several dresses – ranging from size 6 to size 12, and some tops – ranging from size XS to size M.

Yes I had to be coerced to try on the bigger sizes, but they looked much better and nobody needs to know!

We’re all guilty of it, so be brave and buy the size that fits, not the size you want to be!

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Auld Lang Syne

Lest old acquaintance be forgot…

So yesterday (in keeping with my productive spell) I signed up to the London 10k. I paid the full price of £50 for guaranteed entry and I get three ‘free T-shirts’ (as opposed to paying £32.50 for a ballot and getting no T-shirts – I win). My charity are excited and I’m all set to mentor a child after work.

All this was done on a morning’s commute.

When I got to work I had a lovely surprise as an old friend I hadn’t seen for about 2 years texted me about meeting for coffee. We arranged to meet that evening and had a good old natter. This has inspired me to text friends I haven’t seen for ages and sort out a meet up! I advise everyone to do it – what’s the worst that can happen?

This evening I met another old friend (who I haven’t seen since she ran down the hill to say goodbye to me the day I moved to Brussels) and while I was waiting I did some good ol’ people watching. London is excellent for this as it’s so cosmopolitan – I wonder what people say about me?

We booked a table at a fab pizza place (half an hour before we wanted the table – technology is wonderful) and went for a quick drink.

Being female we made the classic error of each ordering a Crabbie’s ginger beer. If we’d been men downing a pint in less than 30 minutes would not have been a problem, but as it was we had to leave with our glasses half empty (or half full).

When we got to the restaurant they apologised and said it would be another 15 minutes. So what did we do? We ran back to the pub to reclaim our half-finished drinks. Chavtastic!

Then we ate pizza, which was fabbity-fab and well worth the extra 15 minutes wait. Of course, we could have shared a pizza… but we managed to eat the toppings (the best bit) and have plans to go back for the Banoffee Pizza – a concoction of banana and toffee on a sweet pizza base.

Yes please!

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Reach out for the sunrise

When I was six I had a wonderful teacher. She taught us about the Titanic, Penny Farthings, birds and the Duke of Wellington. Formidable she definitely was, but not in the sense of Miss Trunchball. My school report that year was, as ever, glowing, but one comment has stayed with me. She said that I needed to loosen my corset strings and relax.

Twenty years later I’m finally taking her advice. I’ve taken life far too seriously, worrying about this and that and not embracing the moment. So this is my quest to find the moment, take it and catch it. No regrets. Life’s too short to live by a rigid schedule, planning your life around age or incident.

So here we are – I’m embarking on a journey of self-discovery, although I’m not trying to find myself. I want to find everything else, open my eyes and see things. No judging, but delve beneath the stereotypes and pre-conceptions of people.

I’m starting to catch myself before I think things I have no right to think. I’ve had a lot to deal with recently and I know it made me out to be a horrible person, out of control, crazy. Maybe I am like that, but hopefully my challenge will help me to start letting my hair down.

I got through the last six months by laughing at everything, because it was either that or cry. Now I have no need to cry, but I can still try to see the funny side of life, and laugh about it.

Goals for April:

  • Write at least one chapter of my book
  • Find a drama society and join it
  • Start ice-skating again
  • Sign up for a 10k race
  • Start training for said race
  • Do something that scares me

This week I’ve had dressing on my salad and eaten mayonnaise. I still don’t like either, but I tried them. I’m also enjoying my family – it’s not perfect, and at times quite dysfunctional, but it’s mine and I intend to make the most of it.

Wish me luck!

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