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The Curious Gincident of the Blog in the Night-Time

on June 2, 2014

Now I’m not passionate about many things – I’ve even been described as dead inside on several occasions.

However I think I can safely say that the theatre is very close to my heart, as is writing. I’m also a pretty big fan of gin… And wine.

So, being invited to an event that involved theatre bloggers, gin tasting, cheese and wine seemed like a pretty perfect evening out.

Stood outside the Palladium, I waited for West End Wilma – bless her, she’s such a diva – always fashionably late. Of course we wanted to make an entrance at Central and Co, so we strolled in and accepted our welcome G&T (although Wilma had wine – diva) from the lovely Rebecca Felgate from Official Theatre.

Everyone was chatting and mingling with their gin – can we call this gingling? The atmosphere was really charged – it’s really unusual to meet so many like minded people in a situation where you feel you can actually talk to them so everyone was buzzing.

I think our table (bloggers, reviewers and actors who blog, including the fabulous Katie and Ed) was the naughty table – giggling and cracking jokes and planning our big gin cocktail that was definitely going to win. We came up with endless puns:

  • Let the Right One Gin
  • A Midsummer Night’s Gin
  • Pure Ima-Gin-Ation
  • Don’t Cry For Me Ar-Gin-Tina
  • Gin’ll Fix It…

    And many others…

    But when push came to shove we came up with what we thought was a guaranteed winning name: The Curious Gincident of the Blog in the Nighttime. #Ginius right?

    Of course we had to come up with the perfect mix – a cocktail that Christopher himself could have conceived.

    So we mixed gin with bubblegum syrup, Chambord and lemon juice. The result? A pretty pink cocktail that was curious and childlike – in fact it tasted like sweets.


    Looking at the other entries (Let The Right One Gin (ha); The Book of More-Gin; Strawberry Swing and The Ginterval) we were pretty smug. And sure enough… We won best cocktail name.

    But apparently not best cocktail and we had to watch the MAGNUM OF GIN go to those tweeting #Ginning. Ah well, we got a round of gin from Aidan (of Martin Miller’s Gin) and played Gin Face (Classy).


    Of course we then started to share ideas for blogging, theatre reviews and all sorts. We created our own hashtag #LDNTheatreBloggers and vowed to help each other out.

    All in all it was a very successful evening, so a big thank you to Rebecca from Official Theatre and everyone else involved! Hopefully see you at the theatre soon!

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