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No amount of DJs could save this show…

on February 8, 2016

Review of Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

A picturesque Ibiza setting with David Hasselhoff and Shane Richie Junior… Let’s be perfectly honest, it was never going to go well. Fake tan, fake accents and fake enthusiasm, plus an appalling attempt at a storyline and some very odd mash-ups. 

Rik (Shane Richie Junior) is a rep for an 18-30 holiday company but he just wants to be a DJ. Then he meets Penny (Stephanie Webber) who’s visiting her father Ross (David Hasselhoff) who just so happens to be a famous DJ. Will he get the girl and fulfil his dream?

Honestly, nobody cared. All the audience wanted to do was holler at The Hoff and sing along to cheesy pop music – we’re talking Vengaboys, Spice Girls, MC Hammer and even the Baywatch theme (obviously).

But I kinda liked it. Not because it was in any way a good show, but because I had a lot of fun. And I’m pretty sure most of the audience did too. In fact one lady (sat two seats away from me) launched herself on the stage at one point and pretty much stole the show. The audience didn’t care how much the show screamed GCSE drama performance – we sang, we danced and we cheered.

In fairness, Tam Ryan was absolutely fantastic as José and although his character was a vague parody of Fawlty Towers’ Manuel, he was adorable and Kim Tiddy was quite endearing as Mandy. David Hasselhoff played himself and he actually wasn’t bad at it.

Ultimately however, last night no amount of DJs could have saved this show.

2* (for the fun factor); 1* for the actual show

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